Nothing prepares you for the change you see in yourself as a new mother. 

Mother Nurture Katelyn Denning

The responsibilities of new motherhood are consuming. You go from doing it all, to merely surviving it all.
Suddenly, you are left seeing yourself as a mom and nothing else. 

My name is Katelyn and I coach new moms who are ready to take the opportunity of new motherhood and reexamine their lives and themselves from a completely new perspective.

We work to get specific about your priorities, define who you want to be in this season of life, and make things as simple as possible so you can live your own version of ideal motherhood.

Stop making it through.
Start making it right for you. 

Find Focus and Energy with the Mother Nurture Priorities Worksheet.

With limited time and energy, you can't do it all, so you must focus on those areas that will fill you up the most.

This worksheet is designed to help you take stock of the different areas of your life and determine what truly 'fills up your cup,' so that you can redirect your focus to the activities that give you energy for yourself and for your family.

I think a lot of new moms feel like they aren’t allowed to struggle and they have to be in complete joy all the time. The perception is that if they allow the world to see that it’s tough, they don’t love their baby and that is not the case at all. There is something completely genuine and amazing about allowing yourself to be completely raw in those moments with someone who can offer tools and insights to help you get over the hump.
— Stephanie (new mom)