Are You Ready?

So you're ready to create your own version of ideal motherhood? To create routines that support your priorities, to blend who you used to be with who you want to be, and to find opportunity instead of challenges?

The Mother Nurture program is a unique coaching program created specifically to address the challenges of new motherhood.

Each of the 6 sessions is designed to take the pressure and responsibility off of you by providing a proven framework that will guide you through the coaching process - all with someone who truly understands your experience and struggles as a first-time mom.

The 6-Part Program

Who Are You?

We will start with an outline of where you are today - your motherhood journey, your work/life blend and your daily challenges. We will also spend time remembering who you were before you motherhood. You'll walk away excited at the opportunity to craft a life and a motherhood journey unique to you in this season of life.

You Can Do Anything But Not Everything

If you are driven, like many of the new moms I work with, it has likely been a tough transition to let go of certain things in your life as you make room for motherhood. We will identify and prioritize the things that are most critical to you - those things that fill up your cup so you can approach motherhood from a more grounded place.

You Are What You Think

Our minds are amazing tools, but often we put it all on auto-pilot because it's easy (can you say sleep-deprived, overwhelmed new mama?). How are you thinking about the challenges and circumstances in your life? Are your thoughts or expectations creating resentment and frustration? We go deep to alter your thoughts about motherhood's daily challenges so that we can help you feel better about the days ahead

A Day In the Life

How many decisions are you making each day on top of the thousands of other things you have to think about and focus on? We will take a look at the biggest stressors in your day and put together a plan to address them. Hint, this often means simplifying your stuff and creating routines so you don't HAVE to think about it…you just do it.

Your Life Support

Who do you go to for advice, encouragement, or conversation? Your co-parent is a natural part of your tribe, but he/she can't be your only support. We work together to create or identify your tribe of friends, colleagues, mentors, and advisors who can play an active role in your success as a new mom.  You don't have to go it alone.

Manual for Motherhood

You've done a lot of work and self-reflection these last 6 weeks, but it doesn't stop here. You will walk away with a "manual" for your motherhood journey, complete with your priorities, your routines, your mantras and most importantly, a manifesto for your life as a mother and a woman

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between coaching and counseling?

I have experienced both counseling and coaching and believe there is a place for both depending on your needs. Coaching is designed as a partnership where your coach will support you, motivate you, and hold you accountable for getting to where you want to be in life. Coaching is forward-thinking with the goal of helping you take action toward the vision we create together for you.

How much time should I expect to commit to the program?

Aside from our weekly, one-hour calls, much of your "homework" will be in the form of thinking and self-reflection. Many coaching clients find it beneficial to set aside a few minutes each day to journal or reflect on our conversations for that week. We will jointly agree on any action items for you to focus on in-between calls and will make sure that the load is manageable given all the other responsibilities you have. The old saying, "you get out of it what you put into it", is largely true of coaching.

How do we communicate?

Our weekly calls will be either on the phone or via video chat.

What additional support do you provide outside of the 6 sessions?

In between coaching calls, I make myself available via email for any questions, thoughts or concerns that come up on a daily basis until we meet again. I also encourage clients to follow along on the social media channel of their choice for additional resources, tips and motivation outside of our coaching calls.

Will there be homework outside of each session?

I provide worksheets that accompany each weekly call that many clients find helpful to organize their thoughts and come prepared for our next weekly call. It is up to you though to invest the time in completing those. Additionally, we will jointly agree on any action items for you to focus on in-between calls. Action items could be as simple as listening to a specific podcast episode, having a pointed conversation with your co-parent, or posting a weekly mantra somewhere you will see it daily. It's all about small action items that will add up to make a bigger difference.

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