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How to Make It Work As a Working Mom

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You’re Not Happy

You’re not happy as a working mom. There. I said it.

You’re constantly tired, stressed, and overwhelmed and you keep thinking that things will get better, but they just haven’t.

You feel scattered, pulled in a million directions, and like you are constantly faced with responsibilities that are at odds with each other.

You never have time for anything fun anymore. Whether that’s a date night, time with friends, or just time for yourself. You try to plan adventures or fun things for your kids, but even that sometimes feels like a chore. Because all you can think about is the million other things you should be doing - like housework, laundry, or catching up on work.

You feel a tremendous amount of guilt - when you leave for work in the morning, when you have to travel or work late, when your house is a mess, when you don’t have time for your spouse, or when you don’t have it all together. How do other moms do it?

You’ve lost all sense of who you are, what you enjoy, and what your life is supposed to be about.

Worst of all, you don’t know who you are anymore. All you do is work, take care of your family, and your house. You keep hoping that once the kids are out of this stage, or once work lightens up, or insert your excuse here, that you’ll have time to figure it out.

But what if this is it? What if the answers don’t fall at your feet?

How much more time are you willing to waste being unhappy as a working mom?


It’s time to take control of your own happiness.

You’re ready to feel energized and unstoppable as you approach each day and all that you have to do. You move from task to task and appointment to appointment with purpose and confidence. You know that this working mom life is busy, but you know you can handle it.

You’re ready to be more present with your family. You don’t want to miss this time with them. You want to stop constantly thinking about what you have to do next and start enjoying the small, everyday moments that you DO have with them.

You’re ready to have more fun. You want to make time for your spouse, your friends, yourself. You want to be that mom who is smiling and enjoying her kids. The mom who is focused on life and not her to-do list.

You’re ready to stop feeling guilty. For working, for having a messy house, for not having it all together. You do so much, so well and it’s time you gave yourself credit for that. You love your work AND you love being a mom.

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How Would It Feel

How would it feel to create a plan and know how you can

  • Create more time,

  • Find more energy,

  • Have more fun,

  • Reduce stress and overwhelm, and

  • Take care of yourself and your relationships?

The life of a working mom will always be crazy and full, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy it!

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Hi, I’m Katelyn.

I’m a coach for working moms who are stressed, tired, and overwhelmed from juggling it all and who feel like they have nothing left for themselves at the end of the day.

I’ll help you get your priorities straight, eliminate overwhelm, and simplify your life so you can find more time for the things you love and start enjoying working mom life!

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What You Will Get

Here’s what you can expect from working with me:

  • A plan for keeping track of all your to-do’s and a system for making progress without feeling completely overwhelmed.

  • A clear understanding of what’s important to you, what makes you happy, and plan for how to do more of that.

  • The tools and tips you’ll need to get over feelings of mom guilt so you can feel good about what you do.

  • Guidance on creating a more fun and enjoyable life in addition to all the responsibilities that come with being a working mom, not in spite of them.

  • A partner who has been in your shoes and who has coached other working moms toward a life that they feel good about.

  • Sound like something that you desperately need?

How to Make It Work As A Working Mom

In this 3-month coaching package, you’ll receive:

The Working Mom Workbook

A full workbook with my best questions, ideas, and visuals to get you thinking about your priorities, what you enjoy, and what’s not working for you. We’ll use and reference this work throughout our time together. Worried that it’ll be just one more thing on your to-do list? Don’t be. You can work through it at your own pace...while your guilty pleasure tv show is playing in the background, while you’re pumping or while you’re taking a quick lunch break. Taking this time, I promise, will give you energy and motivation to come to our calls ready to make some amazing changes.

Working Mom - Working Sessions

Over the next 3 months, we’ll meet every other week for a 45-minute coaching session where we’ll make our way through your workbook, take the time to understand what life currently looks like for you, and figure out together what needs to change. We’ll then agree on what your top priorities are and develop a plan full of small actionable changes that’ll have a big impact on your working mom life. You’ll walk away after three months feeling empowered and energized and with a better understanding of what’s truly important to you and how you can incorporate those moments and activities into your every day.

Customized Resources

You’ll receive detailed notes and a clear action plan from me after every coaching session. No guessing, no remembering of what you should be doing. You’ll also get access to customized resources that will allow you to take our work even further as you have time and at your own pace. And of course, email with me as often as you like in-between sessions for ongoing support and encouragement.

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Ready to give yourself and your kids a happy mom who loves life?


Step 1

Click here to schedule a time to chat. I’ll get to know you and your working mom life and you’ll get to know me and my coaching style.

Step 2

If we decide to work together, I’ll send you all the coaching goods and next steps so you can reserve your sessions.

Step 3

Join our coaching calls ready to make some big changes to how you approach your schedule and to-do list.

Step 4

Enjoy your newfound sense of freedom and accomplishment. You finally have your shit together!


Questions? Send them my way -

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