Thrive and shine in new motherhood

What are you doing to retain top female talent?

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Consider a benefit like no other.

As an employer thinking about parental leave, you’ve likely considered questions like:

  • Will your best employees return to work after parental leave?

  • What will that transition look like for your business, for your team, and for your new parents?

  • Will they stay and will they continue to thrive at work?

It’s true that the transition to parenthood is one of the biggest life changes anyone on your team will likely go through. It brings challenges, raises questions, and requires dedication and stamina beyond what most have experienced before.

But you know that replacing top talent requires more time and resources than retaining that talent. And you are invested in the success of each and every one of your team members.

So why not give them the tools and support they need to transition back to the workplace with confidence, energy, and a drive to be the best professional AND mom that they can be? 


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Your Maternity Leave Comeback

Help your expecting team members put a plan in place to prepare for parental leave, make the most of that leave, and successfully transition back to work after baby.

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Work Life Integration

How do you navigate career and motherhood as a new parent? Learn key steps and tools for managing schedules and responsibilities while continuing to grow your career and be a present parent.


Company Sponsored Coaching

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Personal 1:1 coaching

Give personalized support to employees returning to work after maternity leave through life coaching.